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Our organization is engaged in environment protection. We deal with problems of quality of drinking water, wastewaters, storm waters.
We conduct researches in the field of recovery of waste, recycling of plastic garbage. Our solution are directed to reduction of quantity of garbage, dumps and the plastic polluting the planet.
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Water:drinking water quality, wastewater, stormwater.
Water is one of the most widespread substances in the nature - nearly 3/4 surfaces of our planet are covered with the rivers, lakes, oceans and the seas. In gaseous state water is present in the form of vapors at the atmosphere and also in the form of snow and ice at the northern countries, at tops of high mountains and polar caps. In the depths of the earth there is also water impregnating the soil and rocks. Water is of very great importance in life of plants, animals and the person, existence of life would not be possible without water as in any organism water represents Wednesday in which the chemical processes providing activity of organism, besides, proceed she takes part in a number of biochemical reactions.
Clear water represents colorless transparent liquid, however because of anthropogenic influence various pollutants-chemicals, mechanical impurities, microorganisms get to water. We deal with the environmental problems connected with water, water pollutants.
Land: soil, garbage cleaning and recycling.
The soil is important natural resource as has fertility - set of the properties providing high productivity of agricultural plants. The fertility of the soil in many respects depends on contents in it macro - and microelements, chemicals, their balanced contents. The analysis of the soil allows by chemical methods to determine content in the soil of microelements, to get idea of the contents in the soil of water-soluble substances (sulfates, chlorides, carbonates), to determine content in the soil of the readily soluble (mobile), acquired by plants compounds of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.
We deal with problem of pollution of the soil, including connected with the maintenance of toxic elements, heavy metals.
Plastic waste

The big danger to the land is represented by plastic garbage. Plastics pose chemical threats (e.g., bioaccumulation of the chemical ingredients of plastic or toxic chemicals sorbed to plastics) to wildlife and the marine ecosystem. In contrast to other organic and inorganic waste , plastics and synthetic materials are typically persistent in the environment while maintaining their bioavailability. Consequently the problem of processing of plastic waste is important.
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